Chinese companies are ignoring the sanctions regime in the Crimea

The Chinese continue to work in the Crimea. Photo: ruHash

Chinese state and private companies secretly go to the Crimea, as investors, providing services to occupiers and supply the Crimea the latest industrial equipment.

The Kherson management of the SBU is still not completed a pre-trial investigation into the participation of the Chinese vessel JIAN JI 3001 in the construction of the power bridge to the Crimea through the Kerch Strait, reports ZN. The owners of the ship did not contribute to the sanctions list.

Chinese state-owned company CNBM International in 2013 invested in solar projects “Active solar” Kluyev brothers. Now she is the beneficiary of several heliconiini in the Crimea. Recently received a nearly billion-dollar Russian contract for the production of electricity.

A third Chinese company, whose name is kept secret, supplied the enterprise Crimean speaker Vladimir Konstantinov latest equipment for Saranskogo career and is completing his collection.

Each such investor is working on the legitimization of the occupation of the Crimea.

The Russian state Duma has allowed not to pay taxes to the Russian citizens who fell under the sanctions.