“Do not let wild earth market” – the agrarian party held land forum

Photo: Gazeta.ua

– God gave us one of the world’s climate and earth. Needs to make these treasures brought our people prosperity and security, – said Vladimir Kucova from the village of Semenovka, Poltava region. He is head of the agricultural enterprise on cultivation of sugar beet, sunflower.

Arrived in Kiev on a forum for the discussion of land reform. March 24, in the “Ukrainian house” it was organized by the agrarian party of Ukraine. Gathered more than five hundred people from all areas.

“Yes, I love Ukraine” at 9:00 from the speakers at the entrance to hear the song of the band “TIK”. While the delegates agree that the youth holds the flashmob invite those who wish to stick to the layout of the wood paper with the wishes of Ukraine. Besides wooden boxes and wicker baskets with apples. Passers-by willing to join the action and eat apples. Among the requests – “Will Ukraine”.

For half an hour the action is joined by the leader of the Agrarian party Vitaliy Skotsyk.

– Chance to be one of the most successful countries in the world, says that he writes his wish: “to Be real”. – Unfortunately, the last 25 years we had no luck with the political elite. Therefore, the country looks as a dry tree. But there are wonderful young people, like the apples on this tree. Therefore, on the beautiful land with the younger generation this tree will definitely come alive.

In the Central hall of “Ukrainian house” continue to gather the farmers, the owners of the units, deputies of local councils, experts, economists.

Around 10:00 forum starts.

– 27 Nov 2014, the Verkhovna Rada, wrote the coalition agreement. It formulated the 12 steps for the completion of land reform. Of them performed three. For the remaining nine no one was taken. The Parliament, the government, instead of to fulfill their obligations, cynically decided to steal Ukrainian land – to destroy the basis of the economy and the future of our generations, – said Vitaly Skotsyk.

At the end of last year, the agrarian party obtained an extension of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land. At the same time gathered a group of experts to develop a package of land legislation. Proposals from all regions of Ukraine wrote the 16 steps for reform.

– Do not let wild the land market in our country, – said the leader of the Agrarian party and opens the forum. Anthem Of Ukraine.

Offered to fill in questionnaires about the attitude to the land market.

– Dominated by demagogy about protecting the interests of the peasants. So instead of a clear road map for the completion of land reform, we once again offer dark mazes. They are very convenient to carry out fraud, says doctor of economic Sciences Olga Khodakovskaya. – There are already thousands of cases, when a farmer working for years on earth, trying to deprive the priority rights to it.

You need to make an inventory of land ownership patterns and economic entities. On the ground no one can’t accurately say who owns the land who have to rent are they? Can simultaneously be considered under three owners. What do the owners of the units, when it became clear that their site belongs to someone else?

Institute of rent proved to be good. Over the last three years its price has doubled. Processed land, – says the entrepreneur from Khmelnitsky, President of the “Entrepreneurs skirts” Alim Mischuk.

– Corruption in Gosgeokadastre can eliminate its liquidation, – the Chairman of the Association of farmers of Grabovskogo district of Cherkasy Valery Perepelitsa. – After the revolution of dignity for 2-3 months did not take bribes. The system then recovered. The gosgeokadastr should not be engaged in corruption “feeders” – renewal of leases, and purely technical issues.

– With the completion of land reform, the capitalization of the Ukrainian economy will increase to more than 500 billion dollars. Then over a short period may appear three million jobs, – said Vitaly Skotsyk. – Declare a nationwide collection of signatures against the sale of land. Need to collect at least 3 million.

To the audience through video addresses one of the authors of the Constitution, the former people’s Deputy Ihor Yukhnovsky:

– In France, the land first sold by farmers. The same should be in Ukraine. We need to pass legislation that would limit the amount of land in a few hands. The state must develop Ukrainian farming.

The forum participants adopted a resolution. Among the legislative proposals is to identify owners of agricultural land only citizens of Ukraine, to inventory and maintain a public register of ownership rights to land to create the Land Bank, to protect the rights of peasants-landlords. Just resolution offers 16 steps for high-quality completion of land reform. The final version of the concept of land reform I propose to bring to a national referendum.

With speakers you hear “Sell the land, sell the future.”

The forum lasts about 2 hours.

In the room show children’s drawings about Ukraine. Participation in the drawing competition hosted more than 200 children. The winners celebrate winning the.

– We will bring the signatures to the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and the presidential Administration and show how many millions of people think that you cannot trade that in heart of every Ukrainian. Now it is the number one task for the Ukrainian people, – said Vitaly Skotsyk.

In October last year, the agrarian party held a rally outside the Verkhovna Rada. Then demanded from the deputies to return to the system of taxation of the agricultural sector, in force until January 1, 2015, and to extend the moratorium on sale of agricultural land.