Investment portfolio in PrivateFX: results

A special section with a weekly report on the yield obtained from investing in the best PAMM-accounts and PAMM-indexes PrivateFX broker

Starting in may of 2016 , we opened a special weekly column that will help to make sure in practice, what actually turns out the yield from investing in your PAMM account to a new brokerage company PrivateFX, which is so active many of the media, and whether such a large number of positive reviews and opinions from experts, customers and traders.

We decided to find out, is it true what they say, many, and is it possible to earn in a month as much as any Bank does not give interest a year! That is about 8-10% profit per month! Yes, that’s per month, not per year. We were not mistaken. After all, we have decided to invest in the company private and to check everything personally in practice. And that’s what we’ve got.

We already have the first individual statistics of weekly yields on our investment portfolio and we will share this information with you, dear readers, every week, to give a truly objective picture of our real customer who checked everything personally. In a sense, insider information.

So, let’s get to it. Because sometimes some figures are more eloquent than many fine words. Therefore, we offer to our readers a current results yield of our investment portfolio in PrivateFX what it is in practice.

So, we have the following investment results (weekly yield of the investment portfolio):

A description of the structure of the current portfolio

We are constantly monitoring trades, analyzing the situation and trends in the PAMM-accounts in General, and to determine the feasibility of changes in the composition of the investment portfolio in subsequent trading periods.


Group of companies PrivateFX founded in 2015 with the participation of international investment banking company Concorde Capital.

The company provides its clients with real access to exchange and OTC markets, the use of advanced technologies of interaction of traders and investors.

The benefits of investing in the PAMM-account, the Company PrivateFX

• High yield

You can manually adjust the profits and risks of creating your own balanced portfolio of attractive you tools.

• Security of investment

PAMM system eliminates the fact of default from the Trustee, thereby protecting their investments from non-commercial risks inherent in classical asset management.

• Liquidity of financial instruments without limitation

The investor has the opportunity at any time to Deposit or withdraw funds from the PAMM-account.

• The minimum amount investment

The choice of the PAMM account investment threshold from$10.

• The distribution of risks

Risk allocation occurs proportionally between the Manager and the Investor, depending on the parameters of the offer.

What is PAMM?

Investing in PAMM accounts is one of the most profitable tools of profit. This service is very popular due to high profitability, minimize risk at the expense of own investments and ease of management.

PAMM account is a professional account type, which includes the facilities Manager and unlimited Finance Investors, segregated in the General account.

Trust management is beneficial to all participants of the PAMM. Profit distribution takes place automatically, in proportion to the shares of the participants, according to an offer that eliminates the risk of default for all participants. In addition to the profits, the Manager gets the opportunity to unlock the potential of your Trading Strategy at the expense of investors. The investor in turn receives passive income, without taking part in the trade and without the need for constant monitoring of market situations.

The basis of any PAMM account is offer. Each investor can choose an unlimited number of PAMM accounts, based on its investor strategy.

If our personal example you are interested in and you want to try your hand at investing in the best PAMM accounts of the brokerage company PrivateFX, you only need to fill in a simple registration form on the official website PrivateFX.Com. And, by the way, every new registered client, the company private for a test of the investment accrues to the account for $ 100, and profit you can withdraw immediately and without restrictions.

Moreover, participating in an unprecedented popular action “Collect the letters, get money” you can also get to your account from $5,000 to $10,000. And this will agree, a considerable bonus for a fairly simple action in the action.

We will remind, now the brokerage company PrivateFX a permanent Twitter account, where information Department will post releases and announcements, official news, various important and useful for their clients. We invite your constant audience, which is interested in trade and investment at the exchange and OTC markets added to readers official Twitter account PrivateFX.