Milos Forman made Salieri monster

Frame from the movie “Amadeus”. PHOTO:

In the 57th ceremony “Oscar” March 25, 1985, the movie “Amadeus” gets 8 Oscars. The tape was removed Czech-American Director Milos Forman screenplay by Peter Shaffer based on the play.

The plot revolves around the life story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from the story of his rival Antonio Salieri. The latter copes with the duties of court composer for Emperor Joseph II. When the yard appears Mozart, Salieri blinding envy to the talent of colleagues, and he seeks to destroy a competitor. This story is fiction. The image of Salieri in the film has nothing to do with the original. Austrian composer in his time was more famous than Mozart. He enjoyed the deserved respect from peers. Beethoven and Schubert, the students Salieri, dedicated to the teacher their work.

For 35 years he served in Vienna’s highest musical post, so I had a lot of envy (in his post unsuccessfully applied and Mozart). Over time, the rumor of ill-wishers has become a legend: the artist began to perceive as a monster. Although no one has proved his guilt in the death of Mozart.

Milos Forman (1932) is a Czech American film Director, screenwriter. He was born in Czechoslovakia. Until 1948, the year he lived in Mukachevo, he studied at the Moscow all-Union Institute of cinematography. World fame brought Forman film “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest” (1975) with Jack Nicholson in the title role of the conflict of the individual and a repressive society. The picture has collected 5 major awards of the American Academy of motion picture arts “Oscar”: best film, Director, screenplay and two actors play.