The inventors told how he founded the technology company in Ukraine

The Ukrainians founded the technology company / Photo: Sergey Starostenko

The first drone co-founder of Valery Yakovenko gathered in the kitchen. When together with Fevzi by Letovym founded the company, decided to go with the drones in those sectors where such technologies have not heard. About the founders told

“Drones have become popular in Ukraine because of the events in the Donbas. Thanks to the media, a stereotype that it is dual purpose equipment. It is difficult to fight. Although drones are radio-controlled toy. Civil drone cannot be used for military purposes,” says Fevzi Ametov.

Founded the company in August 2013. Then the drones used for aerial photography. So they earned 1 thousand dollars a day.

“Set a goal not to be like the classic aerovideos. Went to a segment about the drones where not even mentioned. There was no competition. Currently working with agricultural enterprises, oil and gas companies, energy, extractive industry,” – says Yakovenko.

The full interview with the founders read in the latest issue of the magazine “Kraina”.