Yarosh explained by inhibition of the exchange of prisoners

photo: Gazeta.ua

Russian President Vladimir Putin decides the issue of exchange of prisoners. It tries to manipulate in order to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

This was stated by the MP Dmitry Yarosh in an interview with “Country”.

“The issue of exchange of prisoners is directly on the agenda of Putin. He or his entourage makes a decision, someone to change who isn’t there. It is also the factor of Russia’s influence on us. Mothers have every right to shout that the government does nothing. Know the position of Poroshenko: he really wants to draw all to him even though it didn’t. SBU is actively working on this. Diplomacy works. But now it is a factor of influence.

The Minsk process has sopornos, and the exchange of prisoners was in conjunction with Minsk. While some steps were – a truce, minimized the fire is still somehow moving. Then the political process has completed, and accordingly stopped the exchange of prisoners. Now, except for the promotion of certain political characters can be issued”, – said Yarosh.

On the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions now hold in captivity 118 Ukrainian soldiers. Ukraine has asked the monitoring mission of the UN on human rights to contribute to the process of exchange of prisoners with the militants.

The full interview with Dmitry Yarosh look in the magazine “Krajina” from March 23.