How to find a dream job: 5 practical tips from a hiring Manager

How to find a dream job / Photo: public space

To find a dream job, you should make the right accents in your resume and prepare well for the interview with the employer. 5 tips to job seekers in the comments for gave career consultant Tatiana Voloshin.

1. The perfect resume is no more than 2 pages

“This is enough to identify the main and important jobs on which the applicant claims. More summary can be top managers. The main focus in summary – the key skills of the candidate and suitable for the job experience”, commented Tatiana Voloshin.

If you need a no experience, highlight the interest in the professional field: specialized trainings, conferences.

“The summary should demonstrate that the candidate consciously chose the profession”, – said the expert.

2. “Sell” yourself in a cover letter

A cover letter should enhance a resume.

“It is necessary to answer the question: “Why I am the best candidate for your company?” To make it follows a clear structure,” – said Voloshin.

Advises to allocate 3 points.

“First, write that you are applying for this position. As you want to. Then – why want to work in this company. Finally, tell us about yourself. What is your experience will be useful for this position,” says career consultant.

3. Address treatment

If you know the name of the hiring Manager, address the cover letter to him. It will give you points. The wording is clear and competent.

4. Looking for a job through social networks

To search for a job through Facebook better than those who are not afraid to Express themselves.

“These posts are a success, if written interestingly and creatively. Quality photography enhances the experience. It’s better to look for experts with little experience and those who can work in various fields, for example, documents, people,” – said the expert.

5. A critical attitude to information

Before the interview you should get to know more than the company does. Carefully read the job description, feedback on the employer.

“Reviews suggest, trust is not always. Who decided all issues with the employer, will not leave comments on sites. Not worth the emotional complaints,” – said Tatyana Voloshin.

Ukrainians are more likely to change their profession, sphere of activity. Some leave the office because of boredom or low wages. But because it is fashionable.