The continuation of the Belarusian freedom Day, detained 40 activists


At about 12:00 on October square in Central Minsk, capital of Belarus, gathered a few dozen people. Came out to protest in defense of more than 700 of the detained activists of the freedom Day. The meeting took place on 25 March.

It is reported

The policemen under the supervision of the chief of the Minsk OMON Dmitry Balaba first asked everyone to disperse. Through a loudspeaker warned people in the area that the stock will not. In the case of the start of the picket, promised to use force against the protesters.

“All Assembly is illegal,” said Dmitry Balaba. Then we heard the command “hold all”. Journalists were asked to retreat to a safe distance.

The van was taken from an area of about 20 people. Among them – human rights activist Tatyana Ravyaka, the journalist Roman Protasevich and poet Stas Karpov brother.

In the morning in the city centre are on duty around ten police vehicles. They are placed around the perimeter of the Oktyabrskaya square, Republic Palace and the area of the Kupala theatre. Also on duty patrol. Traffic police stop cars to check papers.

Receives information about new protests and arrested protesters in the regions. In Babruisk the police planted in the paddy journalists Svetlana Golovkin, Anatolia, sanotenko, Viktar Masalovich and about 20 people. They gathered at Victory square.

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Freedom day – neoficialni the occasion of Belarus. On the adoption of third charters of the BNR Rada. March 25, 1918, adopted the independence of the Belarusian people’s Republic. Yesterday during a rally dedicated to freedom Day, was detained about 700 activists. The action was called unauthorized. Some of the detainees already released. The others in custody are awaiting trial.