“We’re all soldiers in this war. Have to make a choice in what you army” — Violin

Oleh Skrypka told in what regions the Ukrainians have the most stable national position. Photo: press service

The leader of the band “Vopli Vidopliassova” Oleg Skrypka told in what regions the Ukrainians have the most stable national position.

Every citizen of Ukraine must to develop a clear position. The attraction to Russian pop music and all the culture is the lack of this position. “Russian world” has a serious ally in our country — the low level of intelligence of the Ukrainians. People don’t understand that manipulates them is the enemy. In the war in the Donbass and the Kremlin aggressors involved all of us. All her soldiers. You need to choose what your army. Or this choice will do for you.

Oddly enough, the most persistent national position is now shared by residents of the frontline regions. Kharkiv in 2014 won a wave of separatist sentiment. Not allowed to create “HNR”. Last but not least thanks to such cultural leaders as Sergey Zhadan.

Over the last two years had many concerts in the river. There is a very strong Patriotic energy. Have tested this on Christmas festival “Kraina Mriy” in this city. The Ukrainian language is becoming more.

The city Council of the Dnieper invited to participate in the creation of the March of the new Ukrainian army. Along with the military orchestra presented its January 22, in Day of conciliarity while opening of the monument in honor of the reunion of the UPR and ZUNR. The basis of the March went to the art song “Rodilis mi Veliko Godin” in the words of the poet Oles Babiy. Since 1932, it was the anthem of the OUN. Join in on the March singers-patriots — Taras Chubay polonskogo Sasha, Sergei Fomenko, Oleg Mikhailuta, Lena, Ivan and Taras Kompanichenko. In November last year, also with the assistance of the city Council against Dnipro managed to get to their Cossack songs the status of intangible heritage of humanity by the international organization of protection of monuments of UNESCO.

South-East is aware of — if you do not have a stand of national positions, they may be drawn into the war. Dnipropetrovsk region is the historic Cossack lands. According to one of the scientific theories of the earth affects the mind and character of the people. No matter how much was Russified these territories, their inhabitants remain Ukrainians.

Vopli Vidoplyasova — the first Ukrainian rock band. Established in 1986. The leader of the group — singer Oleh Skrypka. “BB” — the founders of Ukrainian rock-and-roll and the neo-style of ethno-rock. Has released six Studio albums, three live and five informal. In November of last year have stated that working on the new album. It will pankowska in the style of early “BB”.