What are the products most often counterfeited

What are the products most often counterfeited / Photo: MagicWorld.su

Called 7 foods that are often counterfeited.

Among them are honey, sour cream, milk, red caviar, olive oil, smoked fish and shrimp, writes Agronews.

Not to get on fake, you should carefully read the packaging. Sour cream product called sour cream. In the milk protein replaced by soy. Milk diluted with palm oil. To buy dairy products just suggest brands. In crab sticks mixed with soy protein and starch.

Fake red caviar can be found in the integrity of the grains. If they’re whole, and the liquid is small, so the product is genuine.

Fibroblast smoked fish. Instead of smoke it the normal way, use “liquid smoke.” It is a strong carcinogen. “Get to know” real smoked fish with a yellowish tint.

In the spring of cheaper low-quality vegetables. High quality products are getting more expensive.