A military expert told why helicopter crashed near Kramatorsk

“So far, we have one working version of collision with power lines at low altitude,” – said Gazeta.ua an expert on military aviation 63-year-old Valery Romanenko.

March 26, in the village of malynivka near the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region crashed military helicopter Mi-2. Killed three crew members and two passengers – 18-th Poltava brigade of army aviation.

The crash killed commander Eugene Voloshin, the second pilot Dmitry Movchan, borteknik novel Kondul. Also -two passengers: Colonel Valery Melnik and Victor Colitic. The relatives of the victims reported the tragedy.

Author: News Of Donbass

The tragedy occurred in the village of malynivka near Kramatorsk

“It was a helicopter of the air forces and military aviation. Serial production of machines of this class, was completed in 1992. All parts are machine produced in Poland. After the collapse of the USSR, it became difficult. Repair them in Konotop. But not enough details. The poles of the Mi-2 have been upgraded to the “hussars” and “Anaconda”.

Should follow the example of the American helicopter Kiowa. As Mi-2, light class and multi-purpose. It re-equipped with steel knives in the bow. Cut the wires, if the car hit them or confused. But our designers are afraid that the blades will damage the screws. In Mi-2, they are situated low.

Author: News Of Donbass

All crew members were killed. Native this has already been reported

The helicopter was not fighting, but training and liaison. The crew was flying at low altitude is 5 meters. This is a flying standard. Helps to avoid destruction of enemy anti-aircraft missile complex. He is preparing to shoot 15 seconds. Helicopter at speeds over 200 metres flying over it for 2 seconds and becomes inaccessible.

That day visibility was bad. When flying at low altitude at high speed, the window was scary to watch. Everything merges into a single carpet. The commander could lose orientation. Do not rule out that something could fail in the air. But on power lines the car just fell. Finally all set examination”, – said Romanenko.

Author: News Of Donbass

At the scene work of the emergencies Ministry and experts

About the helicopter crash became known in the evening on March 26.