Children in Simferopol was forced to thank the monument to the invaders

Students in Simferopol, forced to worship the monument to the invaders

Schools in Simferopol, the teachers were forced to thank the monument to the “green men”.

About it reports a source in the Crimea.Realities.

During the concert in honor of joining of Crimea to Russia, students in 7th grade performed the ballet. The children were around the monument to the Russian soldiers who occupied the Peninsula, and began to bow.

This initiative has caused a wave of indignation among Crimean residents.

“Bravo! To bow and cringe to have to teach since childhood! While the study on cats… that is, the idols. But the great helmsman in the near future!”.

“Just look at these dances and bows to the image. It’s neo-paganism. The Russians, moreover, that fell into a terrible heresy, and since the childhood accustom children to participate in a lie”.

Crimean schoolchildren tell how to love the Motherland with the help of promotional diaries. On their pages – the national anthem of Russia, “the Duma of Sevastopol” and the state symbols of the Russian Federation.