“Completely burned down 25 houses” – the mayor Blakley

Photo: Eldar Sarachman

The explosions at military depots in Balakleya completely destroyed 25 private houses in the city. Said yesterday the mayor of the city Ivan Stolbovoy.

“The city has 25 houses destroyed. Hundreds of apartments and houses were without Windows. Decided staff, all Windows will restore the budget. Already received more than thousand applications. Now distribute film and wood rails, to somehow close the window. Resumed rail service. The buses can’t start because there is no final findings of engineers. The light is almost restored. Inspect the gas network to include”.

In the tragedy under blockages on Arsenalnaya street in a military town, a woman killed, another injured, said the mayor.

On the night of March 23 in Balakleya in Kharkiv region military base exploded, Ukraine’s largest Arsenal of weapons. The military Prosecutor’s office, the main version of the incident was called a diversion. Out of the city and surrounding areas were evacuated about 20 thousand people.