Disaster Il-76: General Nazarov was given 7 years in prison

Author: inforesist

Viktor Nazarov was given 7 years prison

General Viktor Nazarov was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in the case of the crash of Il-76. He was found guilty in the death of the Ukrainian military in whipped terrorists Il-76.

Pavlograd, the court decided that he must be punished up to 8 years of imprisonment. The court is not deprived of his rank of major General, writes inforesist.

Moral harm according to the decision of the court compensates the Department of defense. But the compensation given to only immediate family – parents and wife.

The amount of compensation of 500 thousand UAH in favor of the relatives of the victims.

The court acknowledged the omission and negligence in the actions of Nazarov. The evidence of the prosecution, in the court’s view, entirely proven. The court took into account that he was not previously convicted and has positive characteristic by place of service.

The judge added, the General may seek pardon or appeal.

On the night of 14 June, 2014, shot from anti-aircraft missile complex was hit military transport aircraft of Air forces of armed forces of Ukraine Il-76. It happened during a landing approach to the airfield in Lugansk. On Board the Il-76 were 40 Ukrainian soldiers and 9 crew members. They all died.

The Verkhovna Rada created temporary Commission of inquiry on investigation of circumstances of destruction of the plane Il-76. Major-General of the armed forces General staff Viktor Nazarov handed over the suspicion of negligence that led to the deaths of 49 military personnel of VSU during their relocation military transport aircraft Il-76 in Lugansk.