Financial investigators appointed space pay

How much will pay financial detectives / Photo: news of Zhytomyr region

Investigators of the financial investigation Service appointed salary in 32 thousand UAH.

Leaders to pay 62 thousand UAH of a salary. High salaries help to ensure that salwicki to the work of specialists of high qualification. This told Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk, says Mirror weeks.

“Without adequate salaries to attract qualified people, who honestly and professionally work to distinguish GDP from airborne and VAT from fiberboard. Recently told the investigator of tax police, to investigate the evasion of VAT, in conversation with the lawyer of the enterprise found complete ignorance, what is VAT. And when the lawyer drew attention to it, the investigator said that he didn’t care what the VAT will still have to negotiate, ” – said the Minister.

The salary of the head of the newly created Service to reach 40 living wage, and ordinary detectives – 20. The heads of territorial divisions rate is set at 30 times the subsistence minimum, which is 48 thousand UAH. To salary add allowances for seniority, ranks, special assignment and work with access to state secrets.

In Ukraine plan to create a financial investigation Service instead of the tax police. The creation of such supports Prime Minister Vladimir Grayson.