Pension Fund is looking for, where to transfer a pension from the subsidiaries of ROSBANK

In the “savings Bank” will not pay pensions / Photo:

In “Sberbank” and the other “daughters” of Russian banks will not pay pensions.

The pension Fund ceases to Fund the Department of the “daughters” of Russian banks, against which imposed sanctions. About it have informed in Fund.

“The pension Fund of Ukraine stops funding for the offices of the above banks, and pensioners suggested alternative ways of obtaining a pension,” – said in the message.

Such a decision, the Fund has adopted sanctions to the five banks with Russian state capital. They were forbidden to place public funds in these banks.

On March 16, President Petro Poroshenko enacted the decision of the Council of national security and defense sanctions to the five banks with the Russian capital. Sanctions for a year will apply to JSC “Sberbank”, JSC “EUWI Bank”, PJSC “joint-stock commercial industrial-investment Bank”, OJSC “VTB Bank”, PJSC “BM Bank”. They were forbidden to take their funds outside Ukraine in favor associated with them.