The cleaner who washes the floor in the “militia” DNR, will be tried as a terrorist

Terrorism can be condemned if removed the debris from the militants went to the occupied schools to teach children

Teachers are occupied in school or janitor from the “administration” of the militants, the Ukrainian law allows to be tried as terrorists.

About it told Boris Babin, doctor of law and Professor of International humanitarian University.

“Now the laws of Ukraine making things worse. We play with the concepts. Don’t understand the practical difference between a terrorist, a militant and a collaborator. Such confusion gives rise to terrible things. The SBU has a few dozen cases of ordinary Donetsk residents who will be judged as terrorists. Know husband. Which at gunpoint several times washed the floor in the “militia” DNR. Now goes on trial for terrorism. The teacher went to teach children occupied in the school – also a terrorist. Each Sbushnik has the right to take these people “in the basement” and to achieve recognition in the Commission of terrorist acts.

International law knows the concept of “collaborator” – a person who collaborates with the occupier. But here we must consider the circumstances. The Verkhovna Rada must approve a clear list of positions for which the person do not write down the militants. Technicals in school – not a terrorist. Math teacher – not a terrorist. For them it is enough to restrict to elected and appointed to certain posts for a period of three years

But the head teacher, Director, head of the “police or prosecutors”… These people know what they are going. And was sworn in by the occupier. There must be a consequence and judgement, – commented Boris Babin.

The mayor of the city of Dobropolye in the Donetsk region were separatist and called the Ukrainian flag a rag. At session of city Council Andrey Aksenov asked where out of town happened to the Ukrainian flags and posters with the inscription “dobropillia – Ukraine”. The mayor got angry and exclaimed: “I don’t need the city waving those tattered rags!”.