This is a real “don’t whine”: the Ukrainian film appeared in free access

The main heroine of the film “Alive” cover from the bullets of his commander with his own body Photo:

Historical drama “Alive,” directed by Taras Khimich appeared in free access in the Internet. Will be available a month.

Was released on 24 November 2016. In three weeks the film has collected UAH 1 million. The Director himself posted on his video channel Vimeo.

“You now can click on the link and watch a Ukrainian film. Legally. And before that it was shown on two channels. This was quite a successful hire. The Director himself found the money on the tape, without the help of the state. To make such a competent scheme can be one. This is the real “do not whine”. The fact that many Ukrainians “Live” hooked. The film reached the audience, unlike many others that are invisible to the General public were held at festivals, in theaters, and then lay down in a box and gathering dust. Use this opportunity to make their impression,” wrote cultural commentator Elena Chechenina.

The events in the film takes place in the 1950s in the Carpathians. The Ministry of state security of the Soviet Union is doing everything to completely subdue the local population. The main enemies of the intruders – the UPA. In the center of the confrontation is the girl Anna, played by actress Olga Komarowska. She’s having prophetic dreams. Can predict the future.

Historical drama “Alive” based on true events. Director and screenwriter Taras Khimich heard this story from a 91-year-old Anna Popovich. The woman took an active part in the work on the film. All filming took place in Crocus – where the events took place. The interrogation scene was filmed in the National Museum-memorial of victims of occupation regimes – the former prison in Lviv.

Anna Popovich was born in the village Green Nadvirnyansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. In 1948, along with siblings Michael and Basil comes into the hut bows Granichak “Dovbush”. Since childhood had the gift to predict the future. 16 Jun 1951 heard the voice of the deceased mother, together with the commander ran away from the bunker. The rebels managed to pick up important documents for a few minutes before the arrival of Soviet troops. When “Dovbush” shot, Anna took a bullet for me. The favorite was saved and she was taken prisoner, lost his hand. Freedom Anna Popovich came out in 1964.