“We are apolitical” – said separable, procalamine, or just idiots – Thomas

Most awards music awards #Selection got the “Boombox”. For Maxi-single “People,” the group noted in a nomination “the album of the year”. The leader of “Boombox” Andrei Khlyvniuk named “vocalist of the year” and “artist of the year”.

Just for the award #Selection in eight categories claimed by 12 artists and events.

More for a total of 4 nominations received by the group “Ocean Elzy” and “Boombox”. Team Svyatoslav Vakarchuk noted only for the “video of the year”. The best experts have called the video “Ocean Elzy” for the song “don’t GI” from Director Igor Stekolenko.

Winners in other categories were:

Event of the year: the Introduction of quotas for Ukrainian-language songs on FM stations.

Single of the year: “Not mine,” the band Kozak System.

Vocalist of the year: Daniela Saushkina, Vivienne Mort band.

Breakthrough of the year: the band from Lviv “One in a canoe”.

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Christina Solovey

In the nomination “choice of public” most votes collected from Lvov Christina Solovey.

The winner of #Breeding this year was determined by 19 experts from producers, promoters, art commentators and experts radio.

The ceremony was held at the capital club Atlas.

“Class action. A lot of interesting. Discovered “Zhadan”.

Long heard the name of this group. The Sergey good to know. But never been to their concerts. And here was able to see. I thought I was already a little that can surprise and please.

Zhadan, in addition, that poet, was a charismatic frontman. “Zhadan and Dogs” is punk the world level. Love this kind of honesty, “trudnosti”. Very good lyrics. No pathos. Awesome sausages. It is this simplicity pleased. In Ukraine, like Paphos. I think, the more, the better. Sergey Zhadan is a very interesting person. Rare, absolutely adequate and gifted artist. The patriot. Still sings well”, shares his impressions of the concert program of the ceremony #the Selection of the musician, the leader of the group “Mandry” Serhiy Fomenko.

“I saw, looks like the vocalist from “One in a canoe” Irina Svitak.

Heard that the youth loves this group. Then on the radio a couple of songs to check out. I liked the concept of “One in a canoe” – nothing special about it. In the 1970s and 1990s there have been many groups with minimalistinen composition, guitar and tambourine. But Irina’s voice immediately catchy and good lyrics.

Perfectly sang the song “cuckoo” Kozak System. Katie and Chile. It is rare that the musicians are doing something better than folk song.

Author: https://vk.com/viviennemort

Daniela Saushkina

In our time, the Ukrainian music was not so much the public. There was so much musical projects. We do not have enough. But it was the veterans of the Ukrainian rock became the humus for this condition. For 25 years we have this situation were prepared. Our Ukrainian was a ticket in the underground. “Cries of vidopljasova” became stars of the punk scene even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. They had no lack of attention. “Okean Elzy” lucky that, in addition to songs, had a producer who invested real money. Something about 120 thousand dollars. According to the current prices – about half a million. Plus a well constructed PR campaign. The first video “oceans” appeared in all TV sets.

For example, “Skryabin” had such managers. Did it all ourselves. The hits “Territory “And” became almost the only possibility of access to the audience for musicians. The program was closed. There was an oligarchic TV channels with the Moscow capital. Show business through the bed. If I heard the Ukrainian language up to date.

Those who continued to do the Ukrainian, could not become rich. Many have since been disappointed. Therefore, we are called humus. But it is a conscious choice – to be Ukrainian.

Happy that after 25 years of independence have the opportunity to go in the car, switch the radio and hear all the time a little of the Ukrainian music. At least feel that you are in Ukraine. 25 years ago it was a cultural and mental exile. The current situation is the result of work of generations. We, in turn took the baton from the 1970s. From Ivasiuk. And mentally from the sixties. And those from the UPA. And so on. It’s a chain in the depths of Ukrainian history.

I know of no period if no music has played an important role. Although our politicians, who showed great promise during the whole time did nothing. Ukrainian musicians have always been with the people. On the orange revolution, Euromaidan. In other important situations. Other than pop, of course, which is focused on loot. There are artists who repeat: “We are apolitical”. Say separable or procalamine, or just idiots.”

More about the winner of the award #Selection in the categories “album of the year”, “vocalist of the year, artist of the year” in the next issue of the magazine “Kraina”.

5 Feb 2016 live on Kiev radio station “Jam FM” has started to leave the Ukrainian chart #Selection. Weekly measures the popularity of songs of the Ukrainian rock musicians. Now the chart is broadcast on 11 FM and online radio stations in Ukraine and Canada. The program audience more than 2 million listeners.