What ammo were stored in warehouses in Balakleya

Photo: Eldar Sarachman

On the military depots in Balakleya were stored artillery shells and munitions that had to be disposed of. About it in the comments Gazeta.ua told press officer of the APU Vitaly Sarantsev.

“In the warehouses were stored artillery shells, shrapnel and high-explosive action. Next was the ammunition that are not used by the Armed forces and was waiting for disposal. For open storage areas were artillery shells calibre 122 mm and 152 bombs, missiles and air defense systems. According to preliminary data, poluzaglublenny landfills warehouses with concrete arch floors and a layer of earth not affected by fire. Also, next to the warehouse was a truck with 1 thousand tons of shells, which were prepared in the morning to go to the ATO. They managed to take in case of fire, said Sarantsev.

According to the speaker, on the territory of the military unit was not injured and the dead. At the scene working engineers from all over Ukraine, as well as international organizations.

“There are two pockets of decay. Now explode the thin shells, which do not pose a threat to residents. In an hour – 7 explosions. Collected ammunition will undermine at the site. Now prepare for that place,” said Sarantsev.

On the night of March 23 in Balakleya in Kharkiv region military base exploded, Ukraine’s largest Arsenal of weapons. The military Prosecutor’s office, the main version of the incident was called a diversion. Out of the city and surrounding areas were evacuated about 20 thousand people