Which is cheaper: experts compare prices on a popular product in Ukraine and the EU

Which is cheaper: experts compare prices for chicken in Ukraine and EU / Photo: SMACHNI-RECEPTI.PP.UA

Prices for most types of poultry in Ukraine correspond to the Polish figures.

About this in Facebook wrote Director of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko. The Association has compared prices for chicken in Ukraine and the European Union.

In Ukraine kilogram broiler is 1.4 euros, wings – 1.5 Euro, hip – 2 Euro fillet of 2.4 euros. Almost the same price in Polish supermarkets.

“In Poland, as the country with most cheap products, the price of chicken and wings is 1.4 euros per kilo, legs 2.3 euros and fillet 3.7 euros”, – informs the..

In Estonia, Lithuania broiler is 3.7 euros per kilo, Hungary – 3.6 Euro. Fillet in Lithuanian stores cost of 5.9 euros in Hungarian is 8.3 euros in the French – to 15.2 euros.

“Among all comparable countries chicken in Ukraine is the cheapest, but other meats have the same with Poland the price”, – concludes Alexey Doroshenko.

In April-may dairy products will become cheaper by 10-15%. Purchase prices for milk started to reduce.