600 600 jackets and pairs of shoes – this began siomki film

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Eside in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan

20 thousand of Yezidi Kurds living in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. They were attacked by ISIS terrorists in August 2014. The Islamists attacked them, killing men, women and children. Beautiful kurdock sold. This is the story of a documentary film of Swedish Director Zahavi Sangavi “Return”. Tape shown at the XIV International documentary film festival on human rights “DocuDays UA” in Kiev.

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Nurse Shilan from Iraqi Kurdistan s refugee children

“The documentary reflects the pulse of modern life. It is important, as it shows the influence of world events on the destiny of man, says Zahavi Sangavi. – I came to Kurdistan to shoot a completely different film. Accidentally met a friend, who runs a Swedish hospital. We sat in a cafe, and when he left, his car wouldn’t start. Had to take him to work. Going to the hospital, saw the nurse Shilan. She was glowing, had a positive aura. Was curious to talk to her. Born and raised in Sweden, but returned home parents in Kurdistan. All her free time helping refugees, spending earned on them. Refused to appear and tell what he does. Said lot of reporters come to shoot the unfortunate refugees like apes, and leave. Convinced that I wanted to show the world these people. The trouble that has happened to them in the language of cinema. Said to bring 600 jackets and 600 pairs of shoes for children who have nothing. In half an hour all were brought. It was the 31st of December. After an hour we started shooting. Lasted 8 days. One and a half years editing the footage,” says the Director.

A refugee, who is 4 months is not out of the tent

The film – stories of the refugees about the inhumane acts of terrorists IDIL against the Kurds-Yezidis. Director Zahavi Sangavi movie was filmed in the refugee camp four months after their escape from the terrorists. The camp was home to people who were forced to flee and lost relatives. Shilan voluntarily comes to the camp and help all that people need. For their money is buying children clothes, toys. Sympathetically trying to listen to everyone. So he meets with a difficult and tragic stories of people. Each tent in camp has its own.

The 14-year-old girl terrorists killed mother, two uncles, aunts, younger brothers and sisters. Fled with his father and grandparents. Father 4 months not to go out of the tent. Grandpa tells how the slaughtered Yazidis. “They cut off the victim’s head, put it on the body and photographed, says the old man. – Women have been selling. With colored eyes were more expensive”.

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Children in the camp go barefoot, despite the cold and dirt.

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Shilan near the tent ezeki that refuses to eat and go

Once Shilan heard about the tent in which the woman refuses to eat with anyone to communicate. It draws all the power that the woman had confided in her and told his story. She Shilan since childhood, has a drawback. 8 months contracted polio. Which is lame. One leg longer than the other at 4 cm. Only during a conversation with a woman in the tent she opens up and tells his story to support the poor. Thus, the audience learns a personal injury Shilan, which made it stronger.

International documentary film festival on human rights “DocuDays UA” will run in Kyiv until March 31.

Zahavi Sangavi was born in 1967 in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. In 1975 because of the war emigrated from the country. Since 1990 lives in Sweden. He studied at the screenwriter and Director at the Russian state University of cinematography in Moscow.