From the Kremlin now run away somewhere far away – expert murder Boronenkov

Denis Boronenkov killed March 23 near the hotel “Premier Palace”

In addition to Russian intelligence ex-MP of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov nobody wanted in Ukraine as a target.

About it the philosopher said Igor Losev.

“Unable to put forward any versions, why Boronenkov killed, but it is divination. Maybe he knew something substantial. Maybe he just killed to give a lesson to other Russian fugitives in Ukraine. Maybe he wanted to show the futility of the Ukrainian security services. Their failure to prevent such crimes in its own grounds in the centre of Kiev. The motives can be quite different.

This is an object lesson to all who hope in Ukraine to find refuge from persecution by Russian authorities. Another attempt to demonstrate the weakness of the Ukrainian. Russian security services have succeeded. After all, this is not the first case. Remember the murder Sheremet. In addition to the Russian special services Boronenkov here nobody wanted as a target.

Consequences after murder will not have any. Except, now escape from the Kremlin in Ukraine, and somewhere far away,” – said the expert.

23 Mar Denis Boronenkov killed in Kiev at the hotel “Premier Palace”. He and ex-Deputy of the state Duma Illya Ponomarev gave a statement to investigators of the Prosecutor General in the case of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. In December 2016 Boronenkov received Ukrainian citizenship.