Konovalyuk offers not to write “Ukraine” on scrap metal, and finish building the cruiser in Ukraine

The leader of the “New Ukraine” Valeriy Konovaliuk said that the Chinese government, unlike ours, has been able to upgrade and complete the carrier

The initiative to build the missile cruiser “Ukraine” and not to sell it for parts was made by the economist, the leader of the “New Ukraine” Valeriy Konovalyuk.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook, reports “observer”.

As noted by Konovalyuk, the cruiser “Ukraine”, on which the decision on the demilitarization and selling, you need to finish in our country.

“Ukraine” want to sell for parts, instead of to finish. To disassemble the metal the ship is the easiest solution for those “captains”. The cruiser “Ukraine” or need to finish for myself (given the funds now allocated for defense), or in the extreme case, to sell (perhaps for a nominal fee), but with the condition that it will be completed in Ukraine. So we would have provided jobs and would have raised related industries,” wrote the economist.

Konovalyuk said that almost 20 years ago, the predecessors of the current government has also been short-sighted, having sold the aircraft carrier “Varyag” Chinese businessman under a floating casino.

“The Chinese government, unlike ours, has been able to upgrade and complete the aircraft carrier. Now it’s the flagship of the Chinese Navy changed the naval balance of power in the Pacific region,” the economist added.

Konovalyuk emphasized that completion of the cruiser would give employment to thousands of Ukrainians today, and would in the future carry out similar orders all around the world.

“Mykolaiv shipyard is known throughout the world. There are still professionals who are able to undertake a large-scale project. But if they are not download the work, we lose and specialists, and the entire industry. Unfortunately, the current government thinks more simple categories: sawing is easier than to gather; to take the credit – it is easier than to begin to work; to sell is more interesting than to finish,” said Konovalyuk.

Recall that the President recently signed a decree on the demilitarization of the unfinished rocket cruiser “Ukraine” which is located in the water area of the Nikolaev plant named after 61 Communards. Now the project of demilitarization operates the Cabinet. According to the plan the housing and the turbine of the cruiser will be for sale.