The national Bank may deny to sell the “Sberbank” – experts

The national Bank may deny to sell the “Sberbank” / Photo: 112 Ukraine

With the sale of Sberbank can be a change in signs, not a change of owners. About it in the comments said the financier Alex Luponosov and economist Boris Kushniruk.

“The consortium wants to buy a “savings” has Russian roots. The national Bank must verify a customer. Should involve the security service and other competent authorities. Have to give the final explanation, if there is a Russian trace. The impression that we are talking about changing signs . The first thing that raises the doubts, – the time during which found an investor,” says Luponosov.

According to him, in such a short time to find a buyer for the Bank of such level is impossible.

“At least a month is on the audit and formulate a proposal to the investor. Then you need to contact the largest investment platform. To invite investors to review this package. Then they make decisions. Then we can talk about some kind of agreement,” – says Alexei Luponosov.

A national Bank may not give consent for the nominal sale of Sberbank, says the economist Boris Kushniruk.

“The sale took place, the consent of the National Bank. I doubt that the regulator will give it. Attempt to replace nominally the owner was easy to predict. Then the real owner will not change. However, with Sberbank particular situation. Must not lose the reputation and fulfill all obligations to customers. The fuse in question with the Russian banks. Now Russia will look for other reasons for the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine”, – said the expert.

The main shareholder of the consortium, which acquired the Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank of the Russian Federation, is the son of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “RussNeft” Mikhail Gutseriev said. The national Bank said that it has not yet received information on the sale.