The NBU said that when the rates jump again

Heating again, podorozhayut: Кореспондент.net

The national Bank of Ukraine laid in the forecast for inflation in 2017 rising cost of gas and heating since October. This broadcast of “Radio Vesti” said the head of the Department of monetary policy and economic analysis Sergey Nikolaichuk.

“We take into account the following increases in gas and heating since October,” said wines.

“They are subject to change and depend on the dynamics of the exchange rate and gas prices on world markets. In fact, last year the price went to the market level and is now no longer depend on the decisions of the Commission, and other factors influencing them”, – said the representative of the NBU.

Since March 1 has risen in price electricity for the population. This is the fifth stage of growth of tariffs. Up to 100 kW must pay 0,90 UAH 71,4 instead of a COP. of 100 kW electricity is UAH 1.68. 70% of consumers will now pay for electricity at the maximum rate.