Business sweet cotton paid off in a month

Photo: Courtesy Anne Krivonozhko

On one machine for manufacturing cotton candy earn from 5 thousand UAH per month. About it said Anna, Krivonozhko. Opened the business with her husband, after moving from Donetsk to Black sea.

“Cotton candy is a business that requires small investment. My husband and I decided to try it. Bought the equipment, studied master classes in the Internet and started to sell near the sea in the summer season. For the truck under plant for the production of wool gave 5 thousand hryvnias. Same cost the unit itself. To transfer the business from seasonal to permanent, we decided to do cotton candy at the Mall. There is a need to buy more expensive equipment, which looks beautiful on the outside and made of quality material. This truck was worth 20 thousand hryvnias, the unit – 6 thousand hryvnias. Got them thanks to a grant from the project “Novi walk,” says Anna Krivoruchko.

According to Anna, the first equipment paid for itself within a month. To return the money for the more expensive unit will take from three to six months.

“One serving costs 20 hryvnia on the street and 30 hryvnia at the Mall. Sell cotton candy with flavors of Apple, banana, cherry, strawberry, BlackBerry. For each there is a separate food coloring. One portion add 10 grams. One can of the dye is 670 UAH. It is enough for a month and a half. Just a month I spend one or two thousand hryvnia for sugar and paint. About 700 hryvnias necessary on sticks and set them a thousand pieces. For machine work myself. Going to hire a girl who also came from the occupied territories,” says Anna.

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