Called salaries of CEOs

Ukrainian top managers earn less than half foreigners. Photo:

Ukrainian top managers earn $7 thousand per month. Foreigners in similar positions receive twice as much.

This is explored in audit firm EY and recruitment company Boyden Global Executive Searchreports

“The size of salaries of top managers in Ukraine directly depends on the size of the company – salaries in big business three times higher than in small and medium.

Mostly Ukrainian top managers get paid in UAH. Income of aliens is tied to the currency,” the researchers note.

According to EY, the average fixed income Ukrainian top Manager is about $85 thousand per year. Average total income with bonuses is $114,8 thousand Income of foreigners in Ukraine for the year – $242,2 thousand

The fixed part of the revenues in 2016 compared with the previous grew up in the Ukrainian top-managers 17%, and foreign – 7%. At the same time bonuses in the Ukrainian managers decreased by 22%, and from foreigners grew by 44%. Reduction of bonuses depends on the sector in which the company operates. Less in FMCG sector (consumer goods – household chemicals, dishes, small electronics. –

The highest salaries a top-managers from sectors such as telecommunications, Finance, real estate and agro/agro-chemicals. The lowest income managers in the automotive industry and logistics.

The average annual income of head of FMCG sector is $121 thousand, pharmacy – $145.5 thousand banks $243 million, telecommunications services of $345 million, automobile industry $40.5 thousand

13% of top managers were women. They earn an average of $97,8 thousand.

Real wages in Ukraine in February 2017, an increase of 18% compared to February 2016, 2.3% in comparison with January of 2017.

The average nominal wage of full-time employees in February 2017 in comparison with January 2017 rose by 3.3% in annual terms – by 35.4%. It amounted to 6 209 UAH, whereas in January – 6 008 UAH December 2016 roku – 6 475 UAH, November 5 406 UAH. This was reported by the State statistics service.