Died young fighter “Rastishka”

March 27, near Gorlovka Donetsk region killed 21-year-old soldier Vladislav Pisarenko.

“In our fan family was in sorrow. Killed small with moving ultras Donetsk “Shakhtar” with the Callsign “Rastishka” Vlad Pisarenko,” wrote on the page in Facebook Vitaly Ovcharenko.

Vladislav was born in Donetsk. In the occupied territories, the parents were fighters.

“Rastishka” joined the regiment “Azov” in April 2015. First, the guy was in the third hundred, and in the beginning of the summer I transferred to another company and stayed there for a little over a year. Then Vladislav transferred to the special purpose battalion of the Armed forces of Ukraine “Donbass-Ukraine”.

“Shy and quiet, but at the same time fighting the guy. He always wanted change, wanted to fight for their land. The return of the occupied territories concerned it directly – he was a native of Donetsk. So, of course, wanted his hometown as soon as possible returned under the Ukrainian flag”, – says the commander of the second company friend “Fiddler”.

The guy was a fan of Shakhtar since I was 13.

“Rastishka” died like a warrior defending his native land from Russian invaders. Died a heroic death, will forever remain in the history of the liberation struggle for Ukraine”, – wrote the brethren in Facebook.

Over the past days the Russian militants occupying forces 61 times fired at positions of Ukrainian troops. Three wounded defenders.