Eurovision-2017: ex-Manager commented on the threats to take away the competition

Denis Blewinsky believes that Eurovision Ukraine will take Photo: Mediananny

Former event Manager of the Eurovision Denis Blewinsky commented on the threats to take away from Ukraine the Eurovision song contest in 2017.

“The European broadcasting Union decision on the entry of Russian contestants gave Ukraine. This question vnutrigosudarstvennom. And any verdict the organizers were willing to listen. The Eurovision song contest in Ukraine will not be canceled. This is not done, despite a huge amount of turmoil during the preparation. So now there is nothing to fear. 99% I give that the competition we did not take away,” says Denis Blewinsky.

The European broadcasting Union has threatened Ukraine with sanctions up to exclusion from the Eurovision song contest-2017.

General Director of the organization, Ingrid Deltenre said that such measures they are ready to go, if you do not find the decision about the participation of Russia.

The security service has banned entry to Ukraine for Russian singer Yulia Samoilova for three years. In 2015, she performed in the occupied Crimea together with Gazmanov and Lolita. The Eurovision organizers asked her to speak on video.