“Grabbed me by the face and hand’s nails” – the seller says that didn’t hit the widow cyborg

Photo: Facebook Valentina Ishchenko

The seller of the Dnipro, which beat large widow cyborg Anna Scasny because she spoke Ukrainian language, told her of versiyami. She claims that she became a victim of the aggressive widow — she hit her and bitten hands. About this Facebook said Valentin Ishchenko, having published the corresponding video.

According to the woman, Anna really came into her pavilion to buy the red-and-black ribbon. The seller is often asked to repeat what infuriated the widow of “cyborg”.

“She came in with a Studio and asked for a black and red ribbon. I said if it is correct. The specifics of my product is to always ask the buyer what he wants the color to properly serve,” said the salesman.

According to the woman, Anna started to yell at her. Then dug her nails in the face and bitten on the hand.

“She started screaming that I’m stupid, don’t understand Ukrainian. I understand that the woman is irritated. Asked her to leave the store. But this caused even more emotions. Said that will shoot me on the phone. Then grabbed my face and hand nails. Was bitten on the finger. A child of Anna, who witnessed the event, reacted to it calmly. I tried to pull a woman out of myself. When failed — grabbed by the hair and led her to the exit,” adds the clerk.

Anna Schena called the police. The seller asked for medical help in the nearest hospital.

In the river the widow of the cyborg, the mother of five children Anna Scasny beat for the Ukrainian language. The woman wanted to buy in the store red and black ribbon. She makes amulets to the soldiers. Scasna asked the saleswoman in the Ukrainian language. The didn’t like it.The store soon closed. The owner of the neighboring Atelier tells that a woman by the hair pulled out of the room. Broke her phone. Ripped from the ear earring in the shape of a Trident.