In the state statistics service said about the increase of the average salary in Ukraine

Real wages in Ukraine in February 2017, an increase of 18% compared to February 2016, 2.3% in comparison with January of 2017.

The average nominal wage of full-time employees in February 2017 in comparison with January-2017 was up by 3.3%, in annual terms – by 35.4% to 6,209 thousand UAH, whereas in January – 6,008 thousand UAH. December 2016 – 6,475 thousand UAH. November -5,406 thousand UAH, reported the State statistics service.

The highest average wages are traditionally recorded in the workers of the aviation industry – an average of 26 thousand UAH 121 per employee. In second place are workers in the information and telecommunications industries – 11 thousand 100 UAH.

Financiers and insurance agents have on average 10 thousand UAH 983. The techies and scientists – 9 345 thousand UAH. The average salary in agriculture is 4 thousand 586 UAH, in industry – 6 693 thousand UAH.

Low wage workers mail and couriers – 369 UAH 3 thousand. By region the highest average salaries are traditionally in Kiev – 9 832 thousand UAH, in second place-Donetsk oblast – 6 788 thousand UAH. The lowest average wages in the Ternopil and Chernivtsi regions – 4 UAH 790 thousand, and 4 thousand UAH 792, respectively.

Investigators of the financial investigation Service appointed a salary of 32 thousand UAH.
Leaders will have to pay 62 thousand UAH of a salary. High salaries will help to attract specialists of high qualification.