“Russia waged wars to decommission munitions” – the expert

The aggressor applies the surplus Soviet ammunition. Photo rbc.ua

Russia wages war to write off Iztok ammunition. To recycle the shells for the aggressor would be several times more expensive.

“After the dissolution of the Soviet military contingent in Europe was carrying ammunition for a few of the key arsenals. So there was a big congestion of artillery depots. Russia this issue is solved with the help of war – in Georgia, Syria, Ukraine. To test new weapons and to throw the remains of the old is much cheaper than be disposed of”, – said Igor Romanenko, military expert and Deputy chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine (2006-2010).


On the military depots in Balakleya were stored artillery shells and munitions that had utilzation. Advanced warehouses with concrete arched beams and a layer of earth not affected by fire. For open storage areas were artillery shells caliber 122 and 152 mm bombs, missiles and air defense systems.