“Seeing people even worse, more perverted” – blogger on early elections

System the tragedy of Ukraine – the absence of these parties. Photo: informator.news

Now in Ukraine there is no political force that would represent the interests of citizens in Parliament.

This was stated by the blogger Evgeny Gendin in an interview with “Country”.

“I am against elections. I see no reason. War. There is no political force willing to take responsibility for the country. See people worse, more perverse and populist. This is a systemic tragedy of Ukraine – the absence of these parties. I to worked the current Parliament. To at least the crumbs of passed laws. We must improve what we have. And not to ruin this house,” said Gendin.

President Petro Poroshenko did not justify the hopes that were pinned on it by the people, noted the blogger.

“But it’s a problem and Peter, and these people, too,” he added.

The last parliamentary elections were held on 26 October 2014. They took turn after the overthrow of Yanukovych’s regime.

Full interview of Eugene gendin look in the magazine “Krajina”.