The Director was drunk while filming


Residents of the Serbian village Pranjani

“If you do not drink, interesting stories you do not tell. I went to the local with a bottle of brandy. He is a true giant. Drank half of it, and my statement was of little help. After 30 min. colleague could no longer stand on his feet. We finished shooting. And then the giant says – “now, let’s drink,” says Swiss Director Nikola Ilic about the film “Raked”.
Shot a short film about the tradition in the Serbian village to compete who drinks the plum brandy. Tape shown at the XIV International documentary film festival on human rights “DocuDays UA” in the capital House of Cinema. – Once accustomed to the constant state of intoxication and strength of the brandy, all the door was open. Welcome and talked about their culture, says Nicola. – In General, shot over two years – came to Rakudo 2015-2016. Assembled film for about two months.”


Pregnancy during the annual holiday Raced

The competition is held annually in April-may in the village Pranjani. During it, the locals cook and demonstrate a plum brandy. Then choose the most delicious. Competing in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, who is better balanced on wooden frames. The festival is accompanied by the typical Balkan humor, demonstrations, music and dance traditions.

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“A village with such an interesting tradition to get drunk is in Central Serbia. Little of him who knows. And it pleases. This has kept the culture and spirit – says Nikola Ilic. I saw a video online of how people have come up with to compete in such an original way. Was wondering how it is in real life. When I first came, fell in love with those of ordinary people.”

“Practice in the film, the so-called video portraits when asking heroes be alleged for photography, but I shoot video. So they stand for a certain time stationary, or while doing something. The rest of the people are very open, improvise”.


Eccentric poet who will fly the river on a rope

“One guy neighbor was forbidden to cross the river on the side of his house. Because the crank cut down trees near a neighbor’s plot. – And let you fly like Tarzan on the rope – I joked. The next time I visit the guy prepared everything and decided to move to the other side. He has long worked beautifully to fly and land. But in the end after many attempts we produced a successful attempt,” continues the Director.

International documentary film festival on human rights “DocuDays UA” will run in Kyiv until March 31.

Nikola ilić was born in 1977 in Belgrade. Since 2007 lives and works in Switzerland. In 2013-m received the bachelor’s degree at the Lucerne University of applied Sciences and arts at the faculty of videos. Working freelance as a photographer, cinematographer and Director.