Ukraine appeals to London for “duty Yanukovych”

London’s high court rejected all the arguments of the Ukrainian side in the lawsuit of Russia against Ukraine. Photo:

London’s high court rejected all the arguments of the Ukrainian side in the claim of Russia to Ukraine’s Eurobonds for $3 billion Also lifted with the Russian Federation allegations of political pressure on Ukraine.

This is stated in the court decision, “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Kiev is planning to appeal the decision of the High court of London. There is permission to appeal.

“We respect that decision. But it does not consider the available objective facts of economic and military aggression against Ukraine and its people that Russia is continuously conducting since 2013. And does it, despite the international community’s recognition of the illegality of such actions,” – wrote in Facebook’s Finance Minister Alexander danyluk.

At the request of Ukrainian lawyers, the court agreed to freeze the decision until the next meeting of the court, which will be held before the end of April, the Minister said.

The government of Mykola Azarov has received a loan in the framework of agreements between Russian President Vladimir Putin and then-President Viktor Yanukovych in December 2013. Loans issued through the redemption of Eurobonds (Eurobonds in foreign currency. – Ukraine $3 billion of the Irish stock exchange.

In October 2015, the holders of Eurobonds of Ukraine amounting to $14.36 billion and 600 million euros have supported their restructuring (measures taken by the government of Ukraine and the creditors ‘ Committee of Ukraine aimed at reducing the debt burden on the economy of Ukraine and the risk of default. – Consent is not only Eurobonds for $3 billion with maturity on 20 December 2015, Russia purchased with funds from the national welfare Fund at the end of 2013.