Widow cyborg beat for the Ukrainian language

Large widow “cyborg” beat. Photo: TSN

The Dnipro widow cyborg, a mother of five children Anna Scasny beat for the Ukrainian language.

The woman wanted to buy in the store red and black ribbon. She makes amulets to the soldiers. Scasna asked the saleswoman in the Ukrainian language. She didn’t like it, according to TSN.

“She takes the ribbon and rakes from the counter and hides them on the shelves. And said: go here! I took out my phone, say you want to say that you don’t sell the product, because I speak Ukrainian? Yes! Get out of here,” says Scasny.

The store soon closed. The owner of the neighboring Atelier tells that a woman by the hair pulled out of the room. Broke her phone. Ripped from the ear earring in the shape of a Trident.

“People don’t understand the Ukrainian language, do you want to chat on it. Against this background, there was a fight,” says the owner of the neighboring Atelier Elena Shulga.

Anna Scasny called militiamen. They also spoke Russian.

“They said that by law have the right to speak “in a language that is comfortable”. And then went to the procedure Protocol. They talked to me, and this woman, meanwhile, had gone. They didn’t even know her name, nor the names,” she recalls.

The woman says that different people had offered her to hush up the scandal. But Scasna refused it.

An employee of the fast food places in Kiev refused to serve in the Ukrainian language. “”I can’t Ukrainskiy, so I Ghawar in Russian”, – said the employee of a fast food restaurant in the “Auchan” in Chernihiv,” writes journalist and blogger Alexander my.