Artist incubates the eggs

Abraham Poincheval in childhood had their own chicken Photo:

At the National Museum of modern art in Paris, the excitement was caused by the work of the 44-year-old artist Abraham Poincheval. In the eyes of the public male incubates the eggs until hatched chickens. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The performance will last 21-24 days. So it is necessary to have chickens. Artists sitting on a plastic perch. Under it, in a glass container, is a dozen eggs. In order to keep warm, the artist wrapped himself in a heavy blanket. From the first hours of the exhibition-experiment of the artist surrounded by a crowd of visitors.

Poincheval daily 30 minutes leaves the roost. Therefore, some doubt that he will succeed to hatch the chickens. Also his body temperature is lower than in the present hens or in incubators. But the artist says that he sits on a special ginger diet. It should help to maintain body temperature at 37 degrees.

“I’ve never been so close to the public informed. Usually I’m inside of something. But everything happens for the first time,” says Abraham Poincheval.

The artist’s father Christian seemed that he was staring at his son on TV. Although he was sitting in a glass cube. Christian said that the son in the childhood had its own chicken. Decided that all future Chicks from your cat settled on his farm in the West of France.

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