Experts told about the motives Shokin to return to a position

Photo: EPA/UPG

“Resurrection” by the Victor due to the desire of the President. About it experts told.

“Viktor Shokin did not make a single step without the consent of Petro Poroshenko. So his motives don’t need to ask. They simply do not. There is a desire of the President to somehow restore Shokina to the chair of the attorney General. If so, then Yuri Lutsenko looking for a new position. It looks like a combination. Shokin without a vote in Parliament reinstated. Lutsenko can go to the premiere. In this case, Volodymyr Groysman will go to build the party for future BPP elections with the replacement of Vitali Klitschko. Groisman may be displeased. But he is not an independent player. And the President in all key positions need their people,” – said the MP Viktor Chumak.

Poroshenko wants to scare Yuriy Lutsenko. For this is using of its predecessor. So said the Deputy Vitaliy kupriy:

“Yuriy Lutsenko does not perform those functions that they wanted him President. Not enough stalking his opponents. Does not comply with certain orders. So Poroshenko is not beneficial to this position. In addition, there is a discussion that the fall can be early parliamentary and presidential elections. This is the only chance for the President to stay in power. He sees that he is not gaining enough votes. Therefore, it is necessary falsification. And Shokin will go and will do what he says. Although maybe Poroshenko wants just to scare Lutsenko. To put it in the stall. That they want to replace – don’t believe. Although, if he will announce the mistrust, Lutsenko votes not lumped. Groysman is the acting. The attorney General will be repeated. This is the best for the President schedule to go to the polls”.

The political strategist Michael Basarab sees in this situation, political motives. Believes that Shokin wants to receive a higher pension:

“Hoped that as a result of court decisions, Shokin will be able to be reinstated – it is useless. It is more about what the circumstances of the release prevented him to receive a higher pension. But he’s not a poor man. Although it is likely that he did this for the approval of the President. Shokin pursuing personal motives, and Poroshenko is trying to tickle the nerves of Yuri Lutsenko. It is strictly symbolic. A peculiar expression of distrust Lutsenko”.

Former attorney General 64-year-old Viktor Shokin has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme administrative court. He asks to recognize illegal and cancel the decision on his dismissal and reinstatement. Posypaetsya to the President of Petro Poroshenko and the Verkhovna Rada. The court will consider the matter April 10. On 29 March last year, Parliament gave its consent to the release of Shokin. A month earlier he wrote a letter. “For” the decision voted 289 deputies. April 3 the President signed a decree on dismissal from his post, which was supplemented in June with the words “upon request”. In may the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.