In the “rehabilitation center” were illegally detained and tortured more than 200 drug addicts

Drug addicts were tortured and were held by force PHOTOS:

In Chernihiv region, caught a gang which “treated” addicts torture and beatings.

Reports a press about it-service SBU.

“Criminals under the guise of a rehabilitation center for drug addicts kept in confinement and tortured more than 200 people. The organizers of the so-called rehabilitation center took orders for forced “treatment” of people. According to relatives and acquaintances, they suffered from drug, alcohol or other addiction. Members of the group took orders. Under psychological pressure forced the “sick” to get treatment. In case of refusal, the victims were taken to the centre against their will”, – stated in the message.

The SBU released more than 200 illegally detained “rehabilitants”. They confirmed the facts of torture and causing them grievous bodily harm. Also detained 22 officers. Three of them were the organizers. Police found the instruments of torture, and in the office of the founder of the center – fighting grenade RGD-5 and traumatic weapon.

The criminal proceedings are opened. Continues a set of urgent investigative actions.

In the Volyn region for 2 years criminals have recruited people to work at the dump. It was forbidden to communicate with anyone. The victims worked at the local landfill for solid waste. Had to sort the rubbish – glass, paper, metal, clothes. All things sorted, the attackers implemented. But the money was distributed among themselves. The victims are talking to each other. Was under the strict control of guards.