Russia demands from the Poroshenko to $10 million


Lipetsk factory Roshen will sue Russia for $10.5 million in taxes.

Reported about it in interview “League. Business” the Director of factory Oleg Kazakov.

“Tax accused that has illegally compensated the VAT for the construction of a second production site at Lipetsk. And the money from VAT is refunded directly to our Bank account by the same state. The arrest was connected with this. To remove it, we returned the money, which, in the opinion of the tax unduly were we refunded. But the arrest is not removed, that is significant.

180 is only what was directly reimbursed from the budget to the account. And the amount of unjustified tax claims – about 600 million rubles ($ 10.5 million –, the goal is to win these courts,” says Kazakov.

The Lipetsk factory is in the process of closing. Without work remain five hundred workers of the factory.

“By the first of April we’ll complete production activities. We have already started canning line, flush piping and pipelines. It is actually a difficult and slow process. Announced the closure of the factory in late January. The law of mass reduction should pass after 3 months – just at the end of April. It will be 500 employees.”

The Corporation has spent on the factory in Lipetsk millions of rubles. Cossacks recognizes that business in Russia was profitable. The company has already examined three buyers-Russians.

Petro Poroshenko was at the Lipetsk factory once.

“By 2014, Vyacheslav Moskalevsky (the CEO of the company Roshen. – visited the Lipetsk regularly in 2014, he did not come. Poroshenko was once. I was in Kiev. The Rothschilds (European dynasty of bankers and public figures of Jewish origin. – and ICU (Ukrainian financial group. – I personally have not seen. I know that they are engaged in the sale of assets. In one interview partner ICU, Makar Pasenyuk said that they have a mandate to sell the Lipetsk factory”.

Lipetsk confectionery factory Roshen in Russia last year received 4.9 million rubles (more than UAH 2.2 million) net loss. This is almost 13 times less than the net loss the year before.

Revenue fell 18 percent to 1.251 billion RUB (more than 584 million UAH), the cost of sales by 25%. Accounts payable decreased by 7,6% – up to 102, 9 million rubles, accounts receivable increased 2.6 times, to 734,9 million