Shopping in Ukrainian: what to buy online men and women

Most online purchases Ukrainians make on Monday Photo:

Most online purchases Ukrainians make on Monday. Most buy from the online stores clothing, accessories and footwear, products for home and garden, appliances and electronics. Women are more likely to buy cosmetics and baby products, and men like Sports and cars. This was told head of online market Viktor Kirichenko.

Market analysts have analyzed the behavior of the 5 million users within a year. Most of all last year users have bought appliances and electronics, clothes, shoes and accessories. The number of orders in these categories, half of all purchases in the online store. Men 30% retained purchase in “popular” than women.

“Men are shopping wisely, and women tend to be spontaneous purchases. But women are more likely to leave reviews. It is interesting that MS leave both positive and negative reviews. And men write mostly about the negative experience”, says Kirichenko.

According to him, most are configured to purchase the Ukrainians in the beginning of the week. On Mondays do online 17% of all purchases. Fewer orders this weekend.

Some banks automatically charge a credit, when a customer pays by card on the Internet.