“The channel heads want our series was similar to the Russian” – Alex Gorbunov

Aleksey Gorbunov said that the Ukrainian channels in the production of the new series focus on the “Moscow” Photo: Day

Ukrainian actor Alexei Gorbunov said that the Ukrainian channels in the production of a new series focused on the standards and style of “Moscow series” and not Western TV product.

“We want to be like these “Moscow series”. Moreover, I call them the “Moscow”. About the “cops” 20 years can not be removed. This savagery! What other stories there? Our take on “the cops” want about this style, how they look in Moscow. There is 10 years the same movie on different channels is, only the actors are changing,” said Alexei Gorbunov in an interview to “Radio “Svoboda”.

According to him, Ukrainian producers need to focus on the level of Western TV series who’s watching the Ukrainian youth.

“We have to look like Tom hardy. Try to shoot the show as “Taboo” or “Young Dad.” Now, a huge number of TV shows that show us how to shoot series. I’m talking about the West exclusively on Western! Producers and channel executives want their series was similar to the Russian. They want rating. Although the rating is “Taboo” with Tom hardy,” said the actor.

On 13 March, the ICTV channel started showing Ukrainian detective series “Major magic” by Film.ua. The series premiere took place in Russia in January 2017 on “the fifth channel”. Russian TV channel announced the film’s plot as adventures of a Russian officer of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation.