“The following may be Muzhenko” – the end of the case of General Nazarov

“Now General Nazarov would eat the soup. But gives the order to his chef about cooking exotic dishes. This is a slap in the face of society”, – says military expert 45-year-old Dmitry Snegirev.

Ex-chief of staff of the ATO major-General of the APU 60-year-old Viktor Nazarov was found guilty of careless attitude towards the service and sentenced to 7 years in prison. The sentence on March 27, took Pavlograd court.

In the night from 13 to 14 June 2014, the militants in the Luhansk region was shot down by a missile system military transport aircraft Il-76. 40 paratroopers of the 25th brigade of the armed forces and 9 crew members died on the spot. In November of the same year, Nazarov reported about suspicion in office negligence. It is several weeks in the hospital. Then made 365 thousand hryvnias of pledge. Not guilty.

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Major-General Viktor Nazarov, his guilt has never recognized

Moral harm – 500 thousand hryvnia parents and wives of the victims, compensates for the defense. Nazarov needs to reimburse the cost of military expertise.

“Do not ask for mercy. Going home and preparing for appeal. I am sure that I will win it. If there were bad generals, the enemy would have stood in the center of Dnipropetrovsk and Mariupol. In the worst case, near Kherson and Zaporozhye”, – said after the court General.

To protect Viktor Nazarov was made by 52-year-old defense Minister Stepan Poltorak.

“This decision does not benefit the motivation of the military, morale and confidence in what they are doing right,” said the Minister.

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Fighter keeps the palm badge of the airborne troops – all that remained of the crew of the downed plane

“Poltorak is well aware that after Nazarov is the head of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko, and then – he – says Dmitry Snegirev. The decision in Nazarova – example of personal responsibility. Now the military, from soldier to General will know that for the deaths to be answered. It will discipline. The soldiers will believe that the Colonel is a tyrant, a hundred times think before to close people’s bodies the hole in the front.

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A memorial sign in honor of the fallen paratroopers

It was a criminal decision – to send the Board without cover. 13 Jun Nazarov reported that the airfield was Packed with militants. Did on its own. Generals at war, as they were taught – according to Soviet patterns. Decisions are made by people who have in the cabinets stand busts of Marshal Zhukov. He said “Women still give birth”. People plug hole, leave as cannon fodder. Why not come to power, the young patriots, which were the trenches? They power disadvantage, because it is not involved in corruption schemes. It’s hard to negotiate.

The case Nazarov trying to show a precedent. But it’s not. He was not arrested in the courtroom, was disbarred. He is not a key player in the team of the APU. This – a cog. Society threw a bone: here’s a Nazarov, calm down. But it will not continue, put a dot. Because next up is the case of Ilovaisk.

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Military aircraft fighters shot with ggis. The commanders knew about the ambush of terrorists. But he sent the crew without cover.

The results of the appeal will depend on the mood of society. The people saw to it that the General had incurred personal responsibility for the deaths of 49 servicemen. The civil court had the right to pass judgment. Case listened to the testimony of the military, employees of security service and intelligence. Technical examination also conducted professional military. If three years of the war had not created a military court is a question to the President.”

On the night of 14 June, 2014, shot from anti-aircraft missile complex was hit military transport aircraft of Air forces of armed forces of Ukraine Il-76. It happened during a landing approach to the airfield in Lugansk. On Board the Il-76 were 40 Ukrainian soldiers and 9 crew members. They all died.