The refuge draws a unique picture of an iron

Photo: Courtesy Of Irina Senyk

Refugee from Lugansk region Irina Senyk paints a picture of an iron. Has about 1000 works on paper and more than 100 on a special wooden panels.

“I’ve enjoyed drawing since childhood. But I never thought I’d be doing it. Studied energy. The technique of creating a pattern with the use of iron became interested after a visit to friends. Saw they have a small picture with the sea and the mountains. Decided to try, because the work very much. About four years I painted for myself as a hobby. Friends joked that come to the gallery. Two walls were completely hung with paintings. Advised to take part in exhibitions, says Irina Senyk. – Once went to choose a box in the store. The woman who worked there said that I have no right to hide from people such beauty. On the same day showed work in the gallery. After two weeks, put them in the hall.”

After the events in the Donbas moved to Chernivtsi. Together with other craftswomen, opened a creative Studio. Conducts master classes for children. The town also had two individual exhibitions.

“Pictures of the first solo exhibitions were given away to friends. In return, they have issued them in the frame before opening. To do it myself was too expensive. And so managed to avoid spending. Preparation for the exhibition cost free”.

To create a painting uses wax crayons. Melts on the hot iron. With this technique, paintings are not spoiled. Colors remain rich and bright.

“Wax is very naughty material: floats, dripping. In this case, or he you, or you him. You never know what will be shown. The result is always unpredictable and I like it, – said Irina. – First, draw yourself an iron with melted wax. Where you tinkering with a brush or sponge. For the cloth using wooden panels. If you follow technology, can provide up to one hundred years.”