“To sit idly by is not an option” is the youngest fighter ATO

The youngest fighter, 19-year-old thrower “Pole”

The youngest fighter ATO told why went to serve, and when the war is over.

Video fighter published “Military TV of Ukraine”.

“Was intensive training that I liked. After a month in training camp, I was in the 14th brigade where wanted. I think the whole contract will serve in this brigade. Then maybe more will sign. We see what the situation is in Ukraine. Sit back on the couch is not an option. War will end when we’ll change it all together,” said 19-year-old bomber with the call sign “Pole”.

The contract was signed in 18 years. Wanted to be a soldier since childhood. Father was against his son’s choice.

March 27, near Gorlovka Donetsk region killed 21-year-old soldier Vladislav Pisarenko is one of the youngest fighters.