Ukrainian Soviet buying textbooks

African students of high school go to school. Photo:

Science teacher Lyudmila buying Soviet textbooks in all subjects. The book pays from $1 to $15. For them teaches children in Tanzania. Ten years ago, opened the school with a mathematical bias.

Opened a private school in order to teach their own children. My son was a second grader. My daughter attended 5th grade. I put an ad in the local newspaper, not to teach them. In the first year we received 4 students. My school was in a small room,” adds Ludmila.

In ten years, the woman built a new building, built a Playground. The school was fenced. Now, to record here be in place for several years. Parents carry on the education of their children from other countries. The semester costs $1500.

“We have a very strong school base. Started with books only for several classes. Subsequently, gave a message on the social network and to me the Ukrainians sent books. Frequent instances bought for a dollar. Rare expensive. Now offer Ukrainian books, which are updated annually. But they are fairly weak and imperfect. I use mostly Soviet books, there very clearly told the math program,” adds the teacher.

Shipment of the textbook abroad costs up to $20. Sometimes a woman eating a book compatriots

“After our school get into a good University. Besides learning the food soup, porridge and compote. There are also extended-day groups. In other African schools do not exist”, – said Lyudmila.