“Crimea may be free tonight” – Dzhemilev

Dzhemilev believes that the main driving force in the liberation of the Peninsula will be the international community

The liberation of the Crimea sooner or later will happen.

Told about it in interview “to the Crimea.The realities of” leader of the Crimean Tatar people, MP Mustafa Cemil.

Dzhemilev believes that the main driving force in the liberation of the Peninsula is the international community.

“The fact that Crimea will return, no doubt – a question of time. It depends on many factors. First and foremost, from the greater international community. One of its forms is the imposition of tough sanctions on the aggressor. Because aggression against neighboring countries and the seizure of part of its territory is a big threat to the world. If awareness of the dangers faced by the world, will come to statesmen of all countries of the world, the day of liberation is much closer”, – said Dzhemilev.

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In his opinion, some of the factors alienate the liberation of the Crimea. For example, according to him, there are countries dependent on Russian energy, some of the modes are kept only with the help of Russia.

“Name some certain period of time, probably no one can, especially because Russia is such an unexpected country. So it (the liberation of the Crimea. – Gazeta.ua) can happen tonight, maybe in a week, and maybe God knows when. Russia is a huge country, and probably she still has some resource to survive (in the sanctions regime. – Gazeta.ua). Ultimately, the occupied territories will be freed. In this we have no doubt,” – said Dzhemilev.

The return of the Crimea in the Ukraine want 86% of Ukrainians. This was stated by Advisor to the Minister of information policy, Julia Kazdobin during the presentation of the research results in “UKRINFORM”. “86 percent of Ukrainians said that they personally would like to see Crimea returned to the Ukraine. They remember about the Crimea, they have not forgotten about him. 55 percent of respondents are interested in issues related to the occupation of the Crimea”, – said the adviser to the Minister Kazdobin.