Lutsenko told the details of “tobacco” RAID

AMC contributed to the monopolization of the tobacco market. Photo:

Investigators conducted 100 searches in the Antimonopoly Committee and the companies related to distribyutorom tobacco products “Tedis Ukraine”.

This was said by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko at a joint news briefing with interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“At 07:00 about 1,000 law enforcement officers began the investigation – the seizure and searches associated with “Tedis Ukraine”. Since 2012, when the company received a monopoly on distribution services to virtually the entire tobacco market of Ukraine at the present time, the ultimate beneficiary and real owner of this company is the citizen of the Russian Federation Kesaev, who is also a member of the Board of Directors JSC “Plant named after Degtyarev” RF. This company supplies small arms, including terrorist organizations LPR and DPR. In this regard, the national security Council of Ukraine and the national Bank of Ukraine in 2014 have imposed sanctions against Kesaeva in the form of prohibition on withdrawal of capital, the company where he is the founder or beneficiary. Despite this prohibition through a series of financial and economic structures and firms transit to the Russian Federation for the period from 2015 legalized and derived 2,5 billion hryvnias. Part of them financed the arming of terrorist organizations LPR and DPR.

In this regard, now conduct 100 searches of all companies associated with the “Tedis Ukraine”, as well as in the Antimonopoly Committee. In the morning in the AMC came investigators for the seizure of documents attesting to the assistance of the monopoly and the failure to take statutory action guidance of the AMC.

We came to the final stage of the investigation. I hope the seizure of documents would end the artificially created monopoly,” – said Lutsenko.

On 31 March it became known about searches in the AMC and involved in the company “Tedis Ukraine” firms.