Poroshenko has offered an agreement on dual citizenship

Orban asked Poroshenko dual citizenship for Hungarians. Photo: president.gov.ua

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has invited President Poroshenko to allow dual citizenship for Hungarians living in Ukraine.

The conversation took place on the sidelines of the European people’s party Convention in Malta, reports the publication Hungarytoday.

“Orban and Poroshenko discussed the possibility of signing a bilateral agreement on dual citizenship.

Orban assured Poroshenko in support of Hungary’s sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Also stressed the attachment of Hungary to the issue of energy cooperation with Ukraine, which includes the joint struggle of the two countries against the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, – stated in the message.

March 13, Petro Poroshenko has submitted to Parliament draft amendments to the legislation aimed at dealing with dual citizenship. The project has made to the agenda. It was voted 234 deputies.